Being the Real You is a collection of the ideas and life changing quotes I turn to when I feel unmotivated, unconfident, unfocused and disconnected in our noisy world of social media distractions and smartphone notifications.

It’s helped me become so much more aware of how I can build on my interpersonal skills, become a better communicator, feel more present and establish more confidence in a world that often mistakes ‘connectivity’ with genuine human ‘connection’.

This book is about starting where we are, shifting our mindsets, establishing qualities to help overcome adversity and make connections that will impact our entire life experience.



It's delicious. It's inspiring. It's thought-provoking. It's stunning. It made me smile, made me giggle, made me pause and ponder, gave me goosebumps.

I love the graphics. Some of the illustrations are pure genius and add so many exta layers of meaning and association. And the colour pallete chosen is spot on.

Sharon Bott

I love this book! It's become like a dear friend that I turn to whenever I need some inspiration.

I pick it up, whisper give me a sign, and the page it flips open to always seems to have the right advice and written so genuinely!

Thank you!

Erin Walsh

Inspiring quotes and short insights in a beautiful form. If you are passionate about self-growth but are not a fan of long-form, this book is for you.

You can open it and read a few pages whenever you need a boost. Great book by one of the most inspiring people I know.

Edoardo Rainoldi

Being The Real You’ is an inspirational and empowering reference book incorporating a wealth of concise & life changing principles which will give us all the confidence to explore & realise our full potential in life.

It provides an excellent basis for realistically assessing our skills & gifts then and using them to build sound and enduring relationships from which to achieve our aspirational goals.

The well researched text is brilliantly brought to life by the colourful illustrations which combine to make each little gem of wisdom memorable and applicable in it’s own right.

Paul Cole

Easily digestible teachings presented in an absolutely stunning format from the first page to the last.
How much do I like it? This book has become an extension of me, it comes with me wherever I go.

I love it! Thank you Sarah!

Cornel Ene

Many of my thoughts & feelings are based on real life experience & many of the words contained in the pages of this book have positively impacted me over a difficult time over the past months.

How easy it sounds to be able to ‘live in the moment’ or to focus on ‘loving yourself’ just two of the many areas addressed by Sarah in an incredibly gifted way.

She has captured the very essence of the complexities that make us who we are & then shared her thoughts on how to master these character traits. It is genius in its simplicity.

I have read this book, cover to cover & then picked it up many times on a need too basis. For me it has been inspirational & life changing.

Thank you Sarah for sharing your gift.

Julie Richards

What an amazing, inspirational book. It's absolutely brilliant!
I love the presentation and layout. It gets me thinking, every page.

Amazing. Empowering. Inspiring.

Many thanks for Being the Real You! <3

Tendai Funganjera

It's great easy, feel-good reading. The writing style is what you'd expect from any professional writer and it's written in a way that anyone can pick up and enjoy!

Sam Thornton

Sarah’s book and her words are exactly what I needed to encourage me today and I am so grateful. I think, it can help so many people who are struggling to find a purpose and a path, especially now when nothing seems normal any more and the way ahead uncertain.

Jill Mumford