Do you still wonder? When did you stop wondering?

As young children we spend hours in wonder, we don’t restrict our minds with fears or facts. We just listen to the truth in our hearts. We play, we imagine. We have fun asking questions and discovering new things it’s all about making life an adventure. 

Who else finds a moment in their day and chooses to fill that silent moment of wonder with a new task, sending a WhatsApp message, opening up emails, or putting on the radio? Rather than sitting with that beautiful movement of silence in wonder? 

It’s true what Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is Power.” I believe what is even more powerful is when we retain that knowledge and continue to wonder! Wonder at the world around us. Wonder at how the sunlight dances across the ocean. Wonder at the way a colour makes us feel. Wonder at how a stranger greets us with a smile. Wonder at the emotion we feel when situations arise.

It’s normal to become complacent with wonder. We can all make learning a lifestyle choice. As we discover knowledge and wonder is infinite. ♾

Since this is a unique journey for each of us we have the freedom to develop our own learning style. Whatever stirs our intuition to wonder, to want to try…let’s give it a go. Let’s play. 

Write a blog, learn a new skill, teach other people, or find a way to implement passionate hobbies into the your day job. 

Wonder keeps life interesting. Share your knowledge and wonder so more can flow in. There’s no ceiling to wonder and creativity. As Maya Angelou says “You can’t use creativity up. The more you use, the more you have.” 

What helps me to expand my wonder is keeping a journal. It reminds me of everything I love about learning. I write about all my realisations, visions and gratitudes.

You have no idea how much magic you bring to this world just by BEING YOU AND LIVING IN WONDER. 

Share your knowledge. Share your wonder. Share your passion. God gave you these gifts for a reason.