Love from the Inside Out

Being in love with ourselves first, gives us a lease of self-confidence, self-worth and it allows us to feel more content and positive.  

When we’ve built a foundation of love for our inner being, we will learn how to best take care of ourselves. When we are truly in love with who we are and happy, we stop comparing ourselves to others and find we are more confident, worrying less about what others think.

It takes acceptance to love ourselves first and know that we are enough.

When we fall in love with ourselves we are better equipped to give more love when we are in a relationship. It also allows us to stay centred and not lose ourselves in that other person. Keeping our own unique identity. 

Loving ourselves is a fearless endeavour because there’s always that self doubt nagging away in our minds, telling us we need the validation and admiration of another. That nagging voice is not us and it’s not the truth. We don’t need someone else to complete us, only we can complete ourselves emotionally, physically and mentally. It goes against so much of our cultural conditioning but loving ourselves is worth the fight. 

Society seems to ingrain the belief that if we do not have a life partner by a certain stage in life we are running out of time. Why is it that these ideas have been forced onto us and if we don’t meet these expectations then we are failures in the love/fulfilment department?

I’ve done it. I’ve ran into relationships for the sake of being in a relationship believing I was running out of time. Precious years spent using somebody else as a scratching post for my insecurities instead of taking time to go it alone, work on myself and the personal junk I needed to combat first. When we realise this we give ourselves the opportunity to step forward alone and grow into our real and authentic magnificence. Forgiving past hurts. 

Make a stand. Give yourself permission to not go along with the status quo of society. You are enough just as you are.

Let us enjoy our lives right now and take the pressure off. Waking up everyday enjoying the relationship we’re building with ourselves. 

As we do learn to love ourselves, more and more love will come to us in new ways, ways we are likely to have not even perceived or known. 

To love ourselves is to feel totally enough within our own company. Wherever we are. Whatever  we are doing. Whoever we are with. With whatever we have. 

It’s often hard to start spending time alone. Blaise Pascal wrote in the 1600s: “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” Just being with yourself is an art to be cultivated. It often takes time to get used to but If we embrace it…OH BOY it’s an exciting and liberating adventure! To do what we feel like on our own accords is so much fun. 

It’s so wonderfully true what Robert Holden said “Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.” With that in mind whatever stage we are at on our own journeys, whether single or with someone. Let us fall deeply madly and wholeheartedly in love with taking care of ourselves. Mind. Body. Spirit.

Giving ourselves time to be alone. 

Giving ourselves time to listen to our own intuition. 

Giving ourselves time to learn to love ourselves. 

Giving ourselves time to be happy in our own skin. We are enough just as we are.