Do you ever feel as though you’ve read all the Personal Development materials there are out there?  Have you spent time reflecting on them and had the discipline and tenacity to enforce what you have learnt? But still feel like there is something BIG missing? Like there’s a massive void? Attaining achievements and successes, but not feeling the joy in them? Having nothing to worry about but never feeling inner peace? Having that feeling of being stuck in Groundhog day and not having fun along the way even when things are going well? Continuously striving for unobtainable perfection? Believing in that wretched LIE ‘I am not enough’? 

This is EXACTLY how I felt and oh boy is it exhausting! (Hello burn out, hello Chronic Fatigue) How many times can we feel broken emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Continuing to push on because we’ve been conditioned to do so, instead of giving ourselves time to be still, to reset and to realise we don’t have to take on all the junk in life. We are enough just as we are. 

Two years ago, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to DNA LIGHT UP, I’ll be honest, the whole concept at the time was slightly bonkers. I remember listening inquisitively and being open to the process but not feeling I was ready. 

Fast forward a year and I felt I was in complete darkness. Depleted from battling the same problems, trying to control EVERYTHING, feeling angst daily, fearing success, feeling shame for past mistakes, completely forgetting that I AM ONLY HUMAN. After relationship failures, life disappointments and career doubts. Questioning everything I was and everything I stood for. I’d had ENOUGH! 

I finally realised just how much time I’ve spent settling for less, listening to lies I’d been telling myself and not listening to the real me, to my intuition, to God. Light Up reminded what it is to play, to relish life and ride out the highs and lows in a steady state. 

DNA Light Up had nudged me in the direction of realising that we already have all the answers inside of us – all of the time. It just took me a while to catch on and catch up. 

The last year has taught me so much. I’ve been in the midst of a painful and beautiful transformation. A journey of heartbreak. A journey of healing. Learning to accept myself as I am. Learning to like my life as it is. Learning to stop craving for people to make me feel enough. Learning to stand up and say: I’ve had ENOUGH! I’ve had enough of striving for my worth. Trying to prove and pretend I am anything but myself. Because I am, in all my beautifully imperfect and intricate messiness, I am ENOUGH. 

We all need reminders that we are enough, that never stops. So I invite you to join me for the ride  in remembering that we might not be where we want to be right now but we can take steps everyday to get there. 

I am enough! We are enough! Just as we are!

When we listen to our intuition and respond accordingly we light up. Our raw authenticity gives others our blessing to do the same.

Thank you DNA Light Up. Thank you Big Blue Love!


Find out more about DNA Light Up here.

I highly recommend B.U.L.L.O.C.K.S to that I choose to Shine!