More than ever we humans have a ridiculous amount of BULLSHI* to deal with.

Amplified by social media we tolerate having half lives. We play it small by not breaking away from the bullshi* in life: the social pressures, the conditioning, the inhibiting beliefs, the comparing ourselves to others, the insecurities and the limits we place on ourselves.

It’s not time for a pitty party or a blaming game. However, we all have ‘Junk’ in our lives.


Lies can be carried from generation to generation often well meaning but that have a destructive influence. For example “Know your place” and “Don’t get too big for your boots”.  **Can*limit our horizons & put a ceiling to our aspirations, vision, self confidence/worth.

At school I was told to quit several classes as my teachers believed I wouldn’t succeed due to dyslexia and taking longer than others to grasp academia.

For years I never felt like I was good enough. Not smart enough, not pretty enough, not old enough, not funny enough, not independent enough… etc.

Stuck in this lie I began to develop a need to work harder than others in order to get ahead and not feel like an outcast. Striving for an unattainable perfection that would never come.

Adopting habits like: Overthinking. Worrying what others would think. Freaking out about outcomes that were completely out of my control. Neglecting my personal boundaries. Feeling ashamed and guilty. I undoubtedly started attracting people that made me feel inferior.

I became a Pro at putting on a smile when my insides were full of darkness and angst.

During my final year at University I wrote my first book Being the Real You. I gained a First Class Honours. But as I achieved all of this I felt like I was looking into my life through a window, I couldn’t embrace or enjoy my success in all its glory because I felt like an imposter.

Then a pivotal moment happened when I realised I’d been betraying myself. Not only had I been shutting out my truth, but I’d been *working it* out on other people. The pain was intense but it was also truly liberating. I cried hard and instead of suppressing the pain, I let it pass through me.

I realised my intuition had been right all along I just hadn’t been listening. I’d been filling my life searching for things outside (i.e. social media, men, work) to fill a void that only I *could tend to*. I was allowing others to dim my light because I’d been living with the fear of not being enough.

Everything shifted in me and all the choices I had made became clear. I’d just stopped Being the Real me! My own creativity and intuition saved me…it had been waiting too for long enough. All that I needed was already inside of me.

Life will always be a rollercoaster and I don’t believe we are ever ‘fixed’ or ‘whole’. The road home to our true selves is never ending and exciting. I’m sure though that the best thing we can give ourselves is time to be still, present and allow ourselves to feel enough just as we are.