It’s normal to want all the answers instantly, but the truth is that it is the questions that teach us the most.

I decided it was important to have a starting point, a set of questions to ask myself when I felt anxiety bubbling up unnecessarily inside of me. Certain questions I know, will bring me back to my truth.

1. What would I do if I loved myself more?

Perhaps, I would give myself time to come to a conclusion.

Write it down whatever your answer, it’s likely to be different for everyone in each circumstance.

2. Is this in my control?

There is so many things out of our control the weather, the opinion and perspectives of others, external events. Yet we still spend endless amounts of time trying to control these circumstances. Our actions, thoughts and feelings – that is what will always be up to us.

Knowing the difference will make you happier and give you the ability to thrive in life because it focuses your resources in the areas where they matter.

3. What’s the most important thing to me?

If you know what the most important thing to you is then you will make it your priority in decision making. Maybe it’s love, family, money or God. Whatever it is that’s ok. Just own it.

4. Am I being honest with myself?

It’s easy to follow the tribe and to compare ourselves with others who have other priorities. However, standing alone but, speaking our unique truth beats going along with a crowd and feeling lonely. It is better to know in our hearts that we’ve made the decision that is right for us.

Let us aspire to choose honesty even if it means standing solo. Let intuition guide your decision making, not over thinking and feeding doubt.

What questions bring you back to your truth?