Self care is a form of self love – 

As a Creative, I have always been empowered by the concept of growth. I am believing more and more every day that there can be such incredible grace when we come up against hardships. That where there is pain and adversity there can also be growth.

Throughout all of life’s growing pains I’ve come to learn that the ability to care for myself daily even in the smallest of ways helps to bring me back home to myself, to my core. It helps strengthen my foundations, my values, my relationship with God.

Over time I have fallen into the process of protecting my body, my mind and my spirit. I’ve chosen a path that lets go of perfectionism and embraces authenticity, even though the world often forgets the power, peace and joy that comes from being real.

I remind myself each day what it means to take care of myself the way I wish to take care of others. And it is within those divine moments, that I realise what it means to make life simply delicious.

This is what the world doesn’t tell you –

True beauty is so much more than wearing a latest brand. Beauty is so much more than having clear skin. Beauty is so much more than having a youthful glow. Beauty is so much more than a striving for a six pack.

So be kind to you. Do things that make YOU happy. Give time to you in your daily routine. Go on dates with yourself. Learn about your soul and learn what feeds its fire. You have to work at it but it’s the most rewarding experience. Give yourself a fuller life —
Invest in yourself; mentally, physically and spiritually every day.

Self Care Ideas – 

Idea #1 Have a Sleep routine

Idea #2 Turn off and inward – have a leave your phone at home day, reduce your distractions to be more mindful of what’s happening on the inside.

Idea #3 Be kind to your body – take 30 minutes a day to move in a way you enjoy.

Idea #4 Go on an adventure – have some spontaeous fun.

Idea #5 Eat foods that make your body thrive!

Idea #6 Set a Daily Intention – Write it on a post it and take it with you throughout your day. I write out one Bible verse each Monday morning for the week, I take it with me to reflect on – it often shifts my perceptions when I refer to it in times of chaos.

Idea #7 Take yourself on a date once a month

Idea #8 Do something that used to make you happy as a kid

Idea #9 Ask for help – especially with repetitive chores

Idea #10 Organize & declutter

What self care disciplines do you have?